The M.A.I.C. HIGH POWER product line is in continual development: thus the creation of the PROFESSIONAL line, created for industry and all together large dimension plants.
The anti-lime devices of the PROFESSIONAL LINE utilize the tried and tested and highly reliable technology provided by the M.A.I.C. treatment system.
M.A.I.C. products break down calcium carbonate molecules into many small ions through cold water treatment rather than hot, thus when the water is heated it no longer determines the formation of calcium carbonate, more commonly known as scaling. On the contrary, with M.A.I.C. results the formation of a new crystal, Aragonite, which is totally harmless. In fact, if the calcium carbonate is deposited forming hard stubborn scaling on metal heating elements, Aragonite remains dissolved and is removed simply by water flow.
This is the result of the uniterrupted synergistic action of strong permanent magnets and an induction catalyst (patented); the magnets, arranged so as to create an alternance of polarity (patented), break down the calcium carbonate molcules, therefore reducing mass and volume (IONIZATION). The induction catalyst fixes this transformation making it more long lasting even in the presence of elevated temperatures or situations of very hard-water (CATALYZING).
The alternance of polarity is the only known method favors breaking down dissolved salts into negative and positive ions. PROFESSIONAL LINE
M.A.I.C. products resolve problems concerning the formation of lime scales without reverting to utilization of chemical products and added maintenance and operational costs. Furthermore, their action is unlimited in time.
M.A.I.C. products and M.A.I.C. PROFESSIONAL line products are in conformance with all principal European norms:
D.M. 443 of 21.12.90
EN 50089/10.92 NORMS
UNI 8065
D.L. 476/92
MIN. AUTHORIZATION 400.4/18.10.A/3385
(Instruments suitable for treating drinking water).
M.A.I.C. products are manufactured in conformance with EEC directives (EC 80778).
M.A.I.C. PROFESSIONAL products in furnished with test and approval certification. For further information regarding our products request "M.A.I.C. technical documentation: Global projects for physical treatment of anti-lime scales". M.A.I.C. PROFESSIONAL LINE products are unbeatable in their elevated performance, absolute reliability and simplicity regarding utilization and installation.
By installing our water treatment system you can obtain a complete and unbeatable price-quality relation gaining an important competitive advantage while at the same moment saving time and money avoiding unwanted continual maintenance operations on plants and machinery of the utilization of costly descaling products. M.A.I.C. products guarantee your plant maximum yield and efficiency.

M.A.I.C. PROFESSIONAL line INDUSTRIAL SERIES is ideal for all professional-industrial applications such as:
Application on industrial cycles utilizing hot water;
Closed circuit cycles with heat exchangers;
Closed circuit plants with refrigerators or evaporation towers;
Industrial cycles with steam production;
Refrigeration towers;
Saw mills and belt polishing and cutting machinery with high pressure water systems (water-jet) for marble and granite;
Machinery for molding plastic;
Machinery for die forming Zn+Al+Mg alloy and aluminium;
Nebulization and Fog systems;
Drip irrigation and hothouse systems;
Average to large sized Civil plants;
Paper mills e
The above cited main applications have all been tested by our technicians and furnished
excellent results.

products from the PROFESSIONAL LINE are entirely manufactured in AISI 304.
All weldings are highly resistant under conditions of elevated working pressures. The products are furnished with threaded couplings in galvanized iron (optional stainless steel) or with stainless flanges UNI 2276. EBI's project engineers remain at your disposition in providing the best solutions for any type of installation problems.

These are other products from the PROFESSIONAL LINE series:
Code Øl (mm) DFT (gauss) DPT Surface contact (T) Flow l/h T°Cmax Max pressure
1"(1"¼) 004 HP 33/42 60.000 120.000 400x1 2400 6000 250 25 bar
2" 004-2 60 120.000 240.000 400x2 4800 12000 250 25 bar
2"½ 004-2x 75 180.000 360.000 400x3 7200 15000 250 25 bar
3" 004-3 87 180.000 360.000 400x3 7200 18000 250 25 bar
4" 004-4 113 240.000 480.000 400x4 9600 22000 250 25 bar
(T) = DFR x surface contact - x 1000 mm/gauss

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