Water softening
treatment system

The M.A.I.C. water treatment system is a new revolutionary method of water conditioning created specifically in order to eliminate water hardless DEFINITIVELY. M.A.I.C. conditioning is carried out through the synergic and continuous action of a series of powerful permanent magnets and an induction catalyzer. M.A.I.C. breaks down via cold process rather than hot the calcium bicarbonate molecules into many small ions so that when heating water there is no formation of Calcium Carbonate, also known as  calcite  responsible for calcareous deposits. On the contrary, with M.A.I.C. the formation of new and harmless crystal,  aragonite , is determined. In fact, if the  calcite  deposits lead to persistent encrustation especially on heated metallic elements,  aragonite  remains dissolved and is not deposited but eventually expelled by the normal flow of running water. We can thus summarize what happens in the two cases:

1 - Ca (HCO3)2 - Calcium Bicarbonate

2 - Heating water = CaCO3

3 - Deposits


Moreover, it is innocuous to health, does not contain additives, chemical products or harmful substances. M.A.I.C., in fact, does not modify biological structure of water and intervenes exclusively on Calcium carbonate molecules.

M.A.I.C. is autonomous and does not require the addition of salt ot other substances. It is also maintenance free.

M.A.I.C. is manufactured in conformance with decree 443 of 21.12.90 and obtained approval certification for potable water treatment from the Ministry of Health 21.10.94 (authorization 400.4/18.10.A/3385).
All M.A.I.C. products are furthermore in conformance with EEC directives, DIN VDE 0700/EN 50084/10.92 norms and all National Association for Industrial Uniformity norms.
  Without M.A.I.C.  With M.A.I.C.
Resistance encrustation
Resistance clean

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