Which to choose?

M.A.I.C. products are available in many versions, according to the specific need of the designer or user; for this reason specific equipment was designed and set for electro-medical equipment, for bar coffee machines, for dry bulb evaporative towers for the thermoplastic moulding, etc.
For these particular requirements, contact our technical department and make your request; the product you are looking for is almost certainly available!

As far as private users are concerned, the selection is certainly easier. One can decide to protect a single household appliance which, otherwise, would be subject over time to undergo the damages caused by scale deposits or can decide to protect all one's water supply, thus safeguarding all the single supplies to one's household appliances.
The second opportunity is certainly the most profitable as it allows to protect all the water outlets in one's home supplying the various household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, boiler, shower, garden, etc.) with a very low investment. For those who do not hold an independent water meter where the M.A.I.C. equipment can be installed, or for those who do not have enough space to install centralised equipment, M.A.I.C. house range offers the following versions:


Washing machine, dishwasher, boiler, ice maker, water outlets for garden irrigation, etc.


General taps


Hand-held shower, hoses


Washing machine, boiler

These pieces of equipment are already provided with standard threading and fittings for the most common applications. For further information, enter the individual product web-pages.

For those who want to install the equipment in one's water supply after a water meter, it is important to know the pipeline diameter, denominated in mm or gas (" or inches), in order to select the equipment most suitable for one's requirements. For the different diameters, we have conveniently set and dimensioned equipment to ensure a correct water supply without pressure drops or pressure changes and able to ensure a high and adequate performance.
The pipeline dimension of one's plant can be taken after the water meter, measuring the diameter using a gauge or reading the size in gas inches (") which is generally printed on pipeline bend fittings or on on-off valves. The selection of the equipment depends on the number of the family members or the home size.
According to the pipe size one of these items will be selected:

Diameter (*)




22 mm




27 mm




32 mm


MAIC 4 1"


40 mm


MAIC 4 1"


(*) the measures are nominal and therefore just for reference.

For higher measures you can enter the web page M.A.I.C. HIGH-POWER Professional Line or contact our Customer Care Service. The installation of all M.A.I.C. pieces of equipment is very simple and also the less experts can carry it out in absolute safety following the clear assembly instructions contained in each kit.

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