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? Does it work only with cold water?
M.A.I.C. ionises water when it is cold, i.e. when the Calcium Bicarbonate is still in the liquid state and not solid. This treatment (ionisation) makes it possible for the heated water, which normally leads to the transformation of bicarbonate into carbonate and to the passage from the liquid to the solid state, not to form deposits.

? Can M.A.I.C. work with hot water?
We do not discuss the designer-installer decision to use M.A.I.C. with hot water, i.e. to introduce in our equipment hot water not previously treated by similar devices; certainly the following shall be considered:
1. magnets composing M.A.I.C. equipment fear high temperatures, above all higher than 250°C;
2. if, as we have seen, scale is produced by the water heating, to treat already hot water, means that the bicarbonate has already turned into carbonate and the deposits have already taken place. It is therefore advisable to treat only cold water.
? Storage vessels and autoclave: does M.A.I.C. has to be installed upstream or downstream?
When we have a cold water storage vessel (autoclave), it is always advisable to assemble M.A.I.C. equipment downstream.

? Mechanical filters. When and how to install them.
When waters contain sand, soil, rust and iron, pre-existing scale, it is advisable to install, together with M.A.I.C., a mechanical filtration system. Mechanical filters (manual or semi-automatic) are installed after M.A.I.C. equipment and dimensioned so as to ensure a sufficient water flow rate (without pressure drops) according to the following scheme: M.A.I.C. counter - Mechanical filter

? Do M.A.I.C. products wear out or need maintenance?
All M.A.I.C. products do not wear out and do not need maintenance. Magnets composing M.A.I.C. are permanent and do not loose their characteristics over time.

? Do M.A.I.C. products contribute to the electromagnetic pollution?
All M.A.I.C. products are in compliance with the Decree Law 476 on electromagnetic compatibility and are in accordance with European directives on electromagnetic pollution. The magnetic fields of M.A.I.C. products generate very low frequencies (lower than 50 Hz) and therefore they are not dangerous.

? Do M.A.I.C. products work also with iron pipelines?
M.A.I.C. products work with any kind of pipeline: copper, galvanised iron, pvc, stainless steel and other.

? How long does the transformation (ionisation) activated by M.A.I.C. last?
The transformation M.A.I.C. products impose to Calcium Bicarbonate and which determines the breaking down is temporary: if water remains under pressure, that is not taken out of the plant, it can last up to 4 days; if water is extracted from the plant and put, for instance, into a container, the transformation can last from 12 to 24 hours. In any case, it is always advisable to use the treated water as soon as possible or however to promptly treat it before its heating.

? Are water treated with M.A.I.C. and the aragonite it contains suitable for a food use?
M.A.I.C. products, as far as provided in the Ministerial Decree 443 and in the ministerial authorisation n. 400.4/18.10.A/3385 are suitable for drinking waters treatment, as they do not alter the chemical composition. In fact, it was also demonstrated that M.A.I.C. products reduce the possible bacterial content. Aragonite (CaCO3), which, thanks to M.A.I.C. replaces calcite in water which has undergone a heating, is an essential element of any diet, as it supplies part of the need of Calcium (and Magnesium) our body daily requires, and it is advised above all to children and old people.

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