The new savings theory

ECOnomy and ECOlogy of motors.

From E.B.I.'s research laboratory and subsequent to the success of the M.A.I.C. Treatment System, comes a new product that takes driver's savings and well being to heart. ECO-MOTOR® is a revolutionary product for all types of motor vehicles that permits improved nebulization of hydrocarbon molecules. In this sense, all of the fuel that reaches the combustion chamber is utilized, as well as the unburnt fuel that is normally discharged via the exhaust.
It permits better fuel combustion and therefore, less emissions, more power, fuel reduction and definitive elimination of carbon deposits in motors.

In combustion between a gaseous element (air) and a liquid component, the greater surface area of the liquid component, renders a subsequent increased number of atoms to participate in the reaction.
Symbolically speaking you can say that when nebulization at high temperature occurs we have a situation morphlogically composed of droplets; the greater the number of droplets per units of weight, the greater surface area capable of participation in the reaction.
This means that one gram droplets has a much smaller surface area than one thousand droplets of the same combustible whose weight is one mg each. With ECO-MOTOR® the fuel is separated in the combustion chamber into smaller droplets for which reason it is more reactive. This occurs thanks to the synergic reaction of powerful Neodymium magnets and a magnetic induction catalyzer.
The energetic enrichment induced by ECO-MOTOR® facilitates
the pulverization of the fuel in the combustion chamber, therefore permitting total combustion.
This combustion will have as a consequence the production of fewer secondary by products such as carbon moxide (CO), hydrocarbons (Hc) etc., all elements responsible for polluting the atmosphere.
- Fewer harmful gas emissions;
- Increased production of energy and therefore
- More rapid start ups, more efficient motors.

ECO-MOTOR® is available in three different versions:
Art. 1010
for gasoline engines up to 1800 cc.
Art. 1020
for gasoline engines more than 1800 cc.
Art. 1030
for diesel engines

ECO-MOTOR® is easy to install and permits up to 20% immediate fuel savings. It simply requires cutting the gas delivery tube and inserting the product.
The Kit includes the ECO-MOTOR® hose clamps and clear assembly instructions. It has been tested on more than one hundred different car models and its result have always been impeccable.
1010 80x16x42 8mm
1020 80x16x42 10mm
1030 80x16x42 10mm

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