Why Eco-motor + KME

The KME kit allows to cars normally circulating with regular fuel (with lead) to be able to circulate with unleaded fuel without compromising the engine operation or damaging it. KME kit was tested for a long time and it is already widely employed by many historical cars enthusiasts who certainly cannot think to solve the problem of the regular fuel (illegal from 1st January 2002 all over Europe) by destroying their vehicle.

The installation of KME kit, as the Eco-Motor ioniser, is very simple, a few minutes are enough. The engine plant is not altered and no modifications have to be carried out. Just assemble under each spark plug a KME kit bush (a 4-cylinder engine will have 4 spark plugs, and therefore 4 bushes), cut the fuel outlet pipe, insert the Eco-motor ioniser and tight hose clips supplied with the product. Inside each packet, an instruction sheet is included to facilitate the assembly.

  • Therefore, which are the advantages deriving from the use of ecological bushes in an engine studied to operate with regular fuel?
  • Apart from the economical saving deriving from the lower cost of unleaded fuel, the advantages for the engine components are various:

  • It improves the cold start because the fuel volatility is better      exploited and it reduces deposits on spark plugs, valves, etc;
  • It decreases the lubricate dilution caused by the unburned      fuel;
  • It reduces the lubricating oil consumption;
  • It reduces the operation noise level

    Spark plug of engine without Eco-Motor

    As a consequence of what above mentioned, the engine parts more stressed by the thermal fatigue and the mechanical wear and which, without the KME kit, would risk to break down or be irremediably damaged, find more favourable conditions for their work thus guaranteeing the best performances, lower consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

    Spark plug of engine protected by the Eco-Motor+KME device

    The advantages are huge; the main one is certainly to be able to continue to circulate with one's car without having to forcedly destroy it. A car, even tough without catalytic converter, is entitled to circulate with unleaded fuel provided it complies with the minimum values and concentrations allowed and established by the Traffic Control Authority and checked at the periodical car service. As we have already mentioned, furthermore, the quantity and quality of emissions improve thanks to the Eco-Motor ionisation and the consequent better combustion, thus these cars will be able to circulate as well as the cars already provided with catalytic converter.

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