KME: for which cars?
In Italy and all EEC countries, the regular fuel petrol pumps will be eliminated starting from 1st January 2001.

For a high number of cars the chemical additives or the KME engine transformation kit will have to be used,

or, alternatively, there will be the risk to damage the engine. KME is the most economical and ecological solution,
without maintenance costs and in compliance with the law in force in 2002.

Cars registered before 1984

There are approx. 5 millions of cars registered before 1984, of which 2 millions have the head where the valve seats were directly made by cast iron, and are subject to a higher wear, if not adequately lubricated. This operation has been done up to now by the lead present in the regular fuel and the lead deposits which remains fixed to the engine components also afterwards. We can evaluate in 20-30,000 km that can be still covered with a residual lubricating effect, as the accumulated lead, after having consumed the last full tank of regular fuel.

The compression ratio modification can be foreseen for all the 5 millions of cars (with KME), the use of lubricating additives has to be evaluated over 2 millions of them, after the first 20-30,000 km without regular fuel.

Cars registered between the 1984 and 1987

Over 3,500,000 vehicles. They need the compression ratio modification (KME Eco-motor kit)

Cars registered between the 1988 and 1992

As far as these cars are concerned, there should not be problems. To be safer, where the use of the vehicle both with regular and unleaded fuel has been foreseen (we are talking about cars without catalytic converter) it is advisable to ask to one's mechanic. The possibility to use also unleaded fuel is generally described on the car use and maintenance handbook.

For cars registered between 1988 and 1992 and without catalytic converter (almost all of them), but however running also with unleaded fuel, the manufacturer advised to interval one or more full tanks of regular fuel every unleaded fuel full tank. Obviously the car manufacturer did not esteem very safe for the engine to use only unleaded fuel. For these cars, therefore, it would be advisable to provide for the engine transformation with the KME kit or use special additives.
  • Which bushes have to be chosen among the different models available?
  • Which ioniser model shall be used?
    The ioniser choice is very simple.
    For motor provided with outlet pipe whose internal diameter correspond to 8 mm, we will use
     yellow Eco-Motor   (01010 - 8mm), while with larger outlet pipe (10mm) we will use  red Eco-Motor   (01020 - 10 mm).

  • Fuel outlet pipe with 8 mm int. diameter

    Fuel outlet pipe with 10 mm int. diameter

     yellow Eco-Motor  (01010)

     red Eco-Motor  (01020)

    Our tests confirmed that the combined use of bushes of the ecological KME engine transformation kit and Eco-Motor device does not lead to a power or engine performance loss.

      Eco-Motor + KME kit has already been tested on many cars of any lifetime (carburettor or injection) and always with excellent results, also after thousands of kilometres.
    We recommend to refer to the following table to select the most suitable bushes to be used in the same number as the spark plugs one (or cylinder number):

    20 x 3 bushes

    Sea engines

    Cod. A201

    20 x 3.5 bushes

    Low cubic capacity

    Cod. A202

    20 x 5 bushes

    Medium cubic capacity

    Cod. A203

    20 x 5.5 bushes

    High powered engines

    Cod. A204

    17 x 5.5 conic bushes

    Peugeot, Mercedes, etc. engines with S9YCC spark plug (Champion)

    Cod. A205

    15.5 x 3 non threaded bushes

    Honda engines with CR9EH-9 spark plugs

    Cod. A206

    17 x 3 bushes

    Honda engines with DR8S-L spark plugs

    Cod. A207

    For further information or advises of the most suitable bush, you can contact our company or our resellers by communicating your car model and/or the spark plug model
    (the spark plug trademark and model are printed on it).
    One of the many cars (and engines) submitted to our tests.

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